8 Reasons Why Café Blinds Allow You to Entertain All Year Round!

March 2, 2021
Café Blinds

Who doesn’t enjoy an outdoor barbeque with family and friends? But, do you find yourself scheduling your outdoor dinner parties around the weather report? Are you always ready to rush your guests indoors halfway through a delicious meal because of a sudden cloud burst?

Moving your party indoors often defeats the purpose of a gathering that’s planned to enjoy the outdoors. After all, Australian heat is sometimes just too overwhelming for an indoor party. We have the solution. Have you ever considered installing outdoor café blinds to turn your outdoor area into an all-year-party area?


Benefits of Installing Outdoor Café Blinds

If you enjoy spending a lot of time in your outdoor entertainment area, we’ve got the perfect solution to make the experience even better. Installing outdoor café blinds has numerous benefits. The most important is that you’ll be able to entertain whenever you want, without having to first consult the weatherman.

Let’s have a look at a few of the most prominent benefits to surrounding your outdoor space with quality café blinds.


Additional Closed Off Space

Originally created for commercial eating venues, café blinds are fashionable enough to complement any home environment. By installing outdoor café blinds you’ll be able to turn an open space into an additional room. Whether it’s attached to your home or somewhere else on your property, you’ll have an additional room that will be completely closed off on all sides if you need it to be.


Offers Protection From Weather

One of the points that make café blinds so popular is that you can adjust them according to the weather. You can completely close them on days when it’s windy or raining. It’s also a great way to keep the sun’s harsh rays out. Our mesh materials offer a high degree of UV protection

Alfresco blinds are so versatile they can easily accommodate just about any patio, gazebo, or pergola shapes and sizes. The sizes we have available vary in widths up to 4300mm and drops of up to 3200mm. That means we’re guaranteed to have a café blind to suit your space!


Protects Your Outdoor Furniture

Having outdoor café blinds and creating a closed space allows you to keep your outdoor furniture safe from damage caused by rain, sun or any other weather conditions. No more carting furniture in and out of the house to keep it safe when the rain comes down.

Set up your space and the café blinds will keep the space protected. Zippers and storm tie-down clips keep the blinds securely closed, and because they’re made with quality materials and components they won’t easily wear out.


Mesh and PVC Provide Protection from Pesky Bugs

Other than a sudden change in the weather, the only things that can spoil your outdoor function are the mosquitoes and insects that come along with a hot summer night. Outdoor café blinds will keep these pesky little creatures out of your way.


Different Mesh Options Improve Privacy

If you have an issue with nosy neighbours, our café blinds will provide you with some privacy. The café blinds can be closed completely or only halfway, which will still maintain your privacy, but let cool air in at the same time. You can tailor the setup to suit all your requirements.


Quality Materials Equals Value for Money

Alfresco blinds are made from high-quality PVC and mesh screen shades which make them durable and long-lasting. It only takes a few seconds to open or close the blinds. That means you can go from an open air function to having a closed secure room in a matter of seconds.

All components are designed and manufactured in Australia and carry a 5-year warranty. That will definitely provide you with many outdoor functions!


Improves Value of Your Home

Another great reason to invest in our stylish outdoor café blinds is that they add a certain chic element to your home. Options include a hand-rolled system or a rope and pulley system. Not only does it serve to create the perfect outdoor space, it also increases the aesthetic value of your property. So, when it’s time to sell, you can push up your asking price. Ask us about motorised blinds and awnings!


Our Personal Favourite Reason—Year-Round Entertainment!

Being able to entertain your family, friends or even clients all year can only be a plus in anyone’s book. Keep guests out of your home and in the designated entertainment area, so there’s less clean-up inside. It also means you can have as many functions as you want without ever having to rely on the good graces of the weather!

A measure and quote can be done for FREE in the Melbourne area! To reach us, call 1300 735 077!


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