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Motorised Blinds are a great way to enhance your lifestyle, comfort and security whilst providing you with total control in your home. Alfresco Blinds Co uses only the best proven and tested Australian & European manufactured motors and components. Motorised blinds and awnings are a modern addition to any home or office, giving you total control over your installation at the touch of a button on your remote control or a smartphone app. Our custom motorised blind installations are easy to operate and give you complete control over the amount of natural light entering your home. Whether it's motorisation for indoors or motorised outdoor blinds, we offer a complete range of motorised external blinds, internal blinds and motorised roller blinds which all come with a 5-year warranty supported by the manufacturer. Our motorised blinds offer the benefit of convenience, without having to manually retract blinds using a chain or crank.

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Innovative designs available on an array of products

At Alfresco Blinds Co we love Motorisation! Whether you’re looking for motorised indoor blinds or motorised outdoor blinds, Alfresco Blinds Co offers motorisation on a wide range of products, including:

Motorisation will make your indoor and outdoor blinds and awnings effortless to use and add that touch of luxury you may have been looking for.

Here's why we love Motorised Blinds

Motors have now been developed to incorporate Sun sensors and wind/rain sensors that react instantly to the weather conditions. Motorised external blinds are automatically deployed when the sun strikes the building facade; wind and rain sensors can ensure external shades are retracted when the weather turns unpleasant to protect motorised outdoor blinds from damage.

Motorisation is a convenient feature for the elderly and people with disabilities enabling them to operate heavy blinds by a remote with ease or enable operation of blinds on high or difficult to reach windows. Motorisation offers the ultimate in convenient operation.

Motorised blinds are the most child-safe option for window coverings as they eliminate the presence of manually operated cords or chains which can be hazardous to young children.

Motorisation also eliminates the physical wear and tear caused through manual operation and treatment of blinds. Once installed, the motors have internal top and bottom limits set to ensure that blinds will never exceed their intended position.

Motorisation offers the convenience of operating single or multiple blinds in unison with the use of various remotes.

Reliable industry-leading Motors and Controls

We only use well-known reliable brands such as Becker, Somfy and Bear motors. Our technical staff are familiar with all of the motorised models, remote controls and full range of sun, wind & motion sensors.


A/C Line Voltage

  •   Available for both 100V-120V & 220V-240V applications
  •   Requires connection by a licensed electrician
  •   Ideal for larger or linked blinds

Wireless Rechargeable Motor

  • Motor can be easily plugged in and recharged
  • Easily installed to most windows
  • No cost for an electrician

Have no power?  Want motorised blinds with no wires or electrician required?

Automate™ Wire-Free Li-Ion Zero Motors. The new lithium-ion battery motors boast a patented “wire-free” design with the antenna cable concealed within the motor head and a micro-USB port for charging. Additionally, the motors feature NEW ‘soft close’ and ‘battery check’ technology. With the press of a button, the motor moves the shade down to signify the battery percentage level, while ‘soft close’ ensures an elegant and quiet finish at the end of the shade’s movement. Automate™ Wire-Free Li-Ion Zero allows for proficient installation within residential homes and small commercial projects, with no electrical wiring required and the ability to be retrofit into existing Rollease Acmeda systems*.



  •   Control your blinds with your smartphone or tablet
  •   Integrates With Amazon Alexa or Google Home and Apple HomeKit using Siri
  •   Control your blinds when you are not at home
  •   Control both motorised internal blinds and motorised external awnings from 1 WIRELESS hub

Ready for a brand new Alfresco Blinds Co installation?

Our friendly and experienced team at Alfresco Blinds Co are ready to help you find the perfect motorised blinds for your space. We provide motorised external blinds and internal blinds recommendations that are ideal in terms of practicality for heating, cooling and lifestyle factors, as well as aesthetic features that seamlessly fit into your indoor interior look.

Get your free measure and quote in Melbourne today! Simply contact us now on 1300 735 077 or send us an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you right away.

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