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Security Shutters For All of Your Residential and Commercial Needs

Alfresco Blinds Co is proud to use all Australian designed and manufactured security roller shutters by CW Products who are Australia’s leading supplier of made to measure Roller Shutters & Home Automation Products. If you’re searching for security roller shutters for your home or business, you should consider our made-to-measure security shutters, roller shutter accessories and home automation products! 

Alfresco Blinds Co Install and manufacture the highest quality, precision-cut roller shutters and back our quality with exceptional service, industry-best technical support, marketing materials to help you sell, as well as always ensuring a readily available supply of product across Australia! And all our roller shutters offer a 5 Year Guarantee.

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We Use Only The Best Security Shutter Products

Alfresco Blinds Co trust CW Products as they are one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of high quality roller shutter products. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and processes, coupled with over 30 years of manufacturing experience, they take pride in supplying the Australian market with the highest quality and widest range of roller shutter products. CW Products are considered one of the world’s best automation products and solutions for awnings, blinds, roller shutters, home cinema projection screens, TV lifts and gates which is why Alfresco love installing them for our clients.
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Security Shutter Products

42mm Double Line

(Residential/Light Commercial)

Precision roll formed roller shutter profile made from high quality aluminium alloy. Foam-filled for additional strength, security and a smooth silent operation.

  • High quality painted finish.
  • Double line grooved and curved face.
  • Roll-tight design.
  • Wide range of colours.
  • Double coated + lacquer for abrasion-resistant finish.
  • Made in Australia.

55mm Widespan

(Widespan Residential/Light Commercial) 

Precision roll formed roller shutter profile made from high quality aluminium alloy. Foam-filled for additional strength, security and a smooth silent operation. Suitable for widespan roller shutters and garage doors with special roll-tight design. 

  • High quality painted finish. 
  • Smooth and curved face.
  • Roll-tight design. 
  • Range of colours. 
  • Double coated + lacquer for abrasion-resistant finish.

36mm Extruded Roller Shutter

(High Security Commercial)

Precision extruded roller shutter profile made from high quality, strong aluminium alloy. Commercial grade double wall extrusion for heavy duty strength/security. 

  • High quality powder coated finish for maximum abrasion resistance. 
  • Double line grooved and slight curved face. 
  • Roll-tight design. 
  • Range of colours. 
  • For widespan shutters. 
  • Engineered to withstand high wind resistance and storms up to 300km/hr with the use of Wing Locks.

FireSafe™ Bushfire Rated Roller Shutter

Protect your home and family with the NEW FireSafe™ bushfire rated roller shutters! 

As more and more Australians move to the country and semi-rural areas for a better lifestyle, protection from bushfires has become increasingly important in Australia. Add to that the ongoing devastation of bushfires in many states across Australia, and it becomes vital that we help protect Australian families and their homes from bushfires. Recently, a new Australian Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009 has been implemented, detailing minimum standards for building and construction in bushfire areas. This standard is now mandatory in some states of Australia.

  • Bushfire rated to Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) A40. 
  • Tested by CSIRO (Report# FSZ1379). 
  • Complies with Australian Bushfire Construction Standard AS3959-2009 (Clauses 3.7 & 8.5.1). 
  • Radiant heat shielding properties to 40 kW/m2. 
  • Fully extruded strong aluminium alloy shutters. 
  • Commercial grade double wall extruded profile. 
  • Suitable for large span windows & doors up to 5800mm. 
  • Protects windows from flying debris & extreme heat radiation. 
  • Choice of profile colours. 
  • Manual or motorised operation with remote control options. 
  • Made in Australia.

Security Shutters in Melbourne – Durability

Security shutters are suitable for a number of domestic and commercial applications, including windows, doorways, shop fronts, or garage doors. Our aluminium alloy shutters are filled with foam for added strength and come complete with a high-quality painted finish to resist the elements. With a range of colours and designs to choose from, we  ensure a perfect fit for your property in Melbourne. After all, we care about your home interior and exterior. Operate multiple shutters from a single controller!


Security Shutters in Melbourne – Tailored Security Solutions

From high-security commercial grades, capable of withstanding forces up to 300 km/hr, to the FireSafe™ bushfire rated roller shutters for bushfire-prone areas, our product range ensures every customer finds a perfect match.

Investing in quality is essential when it comes to your safety, and our relationship with CW Products, Australia's leading roller shutter supplier, guarantees that all our security products are of the highest calibre. Not only are our shutters made from superior materials, but they also comply with rigorous Australian Bushfire Construction Standards.

Whether you’re based in Epping, Reservoir, Greensborough, or surrounding areas, our local expertise makes us a trusted partner in enhancing your property's security.

The Alfresco Blinds Co Advantage for Melbourne

When it comes to security shutters in Melbourne, there are compelling reasons to choose Alfresco Blinds Co as your trusted provider. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Personalised Service: We offer tailor-made advice, ensuring your security shutters match both your aesthetic preferences and functional needs in Melbourne.
  • Local Expertise: Our deep knowledge of Melbourne’s weather patterns and architectural styles ensures your shutters are perfectly suited to your location.
  • Quality: Partnering with Australia’s leading manufacturers guarantees our security shutters are made with the finest materials and cutting-edge technology.
  • Comprehensive Selection: From residential to commercial, manual to motorised, our range of security shutters in Melbourne caters to every requirement and budget.
  • Ongoing Support: Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond installation, with a team ready to assist you with any queries or maintenance needs.

Security Shutters in Melbourne – Invest in Safety

The installation of security shutters is a significant but necessary investment for any Melbourne property owner. Our premium range ensures superior protection, energy efficiency, and an elevated look for your residence or commercial space. With all products accompanied by a five-year warranty, you can rest assured your investment is secure.

Whether you’re looking for a security shutter for your home in Malvern, Balwyn, Canterbury, or surrounding areas, contact us on 1300 735 077 for a free measure and quote.



Ready for a brand new Alfresco Blinds Co installation?

Our friendly and experienced team at Alfresco Blinds Co are ready to help you select the best Security Shutters installation for your space. We provide recommendations that are ideal in terms of practicality for heating, cooling and lifestyle factors, as well as aesthetic features that seamlessly fit into your indoor interior look.

Get your free measure and quote in Melbourne today! Simply contact us now on 1300 735 077 or send us an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you right away.


Alfresco Experienced Team

Frequently Asked Questions About Security Shutters in Melbourne

What type of materials are used for security shutters in Melbourne?

Melbourne's security shutters are usually made of a strong, durable aluminium alloy filled with foam for added strength. They also come with a high-quality, weather-proof painted finish.

How can security shutters in Melbourne help save energy costs?

Security shutters in Melbourne assist in insulation by keeping internal temperatures stable throughout the year. We reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling, leading to energy savings.

Are security shutters only for residential use in Melbourne, or can they be used for commercial properties as well?

Security shutters can be used for both residential and commercial properties in Melbourne. They are precision-engineered for wide span applications, offering robust protection against possible intrusions and adverse weather conditions.

What additional benefits do security shutters offer Melbourne property owners?

Apart from enhanced security, Melbourne property owners can also benefit from the shutter's sound-proofing properties and privacy protection.

Can I install security shutters on my own in Melbourne, or do I need professional help?

Installation of security shutters in Melbourne is a critical component that ensures their effectiveness. It's recommended to engage experienced professionals like Alfresco Blinds Co, who ensure an immaculate installation with a comprehensive approach, maintaining the aesthetic appeal and functional integrity of the shutters.

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