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Retractable awnings are perfect for verandahs, skylights and inclined structures

A retractable awning, also known as verandah blinds, is a system installed for use on horizontal or inclined structures. You may have seen these types of blinds in commercial applications such as shopping centres, conservatories or skylights. A retractable awning is an ideal shading solution for glass roof structures as they prevent rooms from heating up and reduce the need for air conditioning, saving you on energy costs. These systems can be installed internally & externally, making them suitable for a number of different types of installations.

Our retractable verandah blinds are manufactured using the latest materials, innovative technology and the highest quality fabrics to guarantee superior quality and durability.

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Retractable full-cassette folding arm awning
Retractable verandah blinds and awnings
Retractable roofing system skyline tension

Fabric tensioning system

Retractable verandah awnings and blinds work on a special built-in fabric tensioning system which keeps the fabric constantly taut, enabling effective operation on horizontal and inclined surfaces. The taut fabric gives your verandah blind a professional finish and assists with optimising the function of the blind. This unique tensioning system allows for installation on irregular shapes, such as triangles and symmetrical trapeziums. No matter the shape of your window or alfresco area, we have the skills and products to fit a retractable verandah blind.

Features of Retractable Awnings & Verandah Shade Blinds

  • Internal or external installation options
  • Protection from the sun, wind and rain
  • Large range of fabrics - acrylic fabrics ideal for optimum sun protection
  • Available in widths up to 4.5 metres and projection up to 6.5 metres (varies by model)
  • Easy to operate - Fully motorised with remote control
  • The system can be installed on a surface at any angle
  • Construction available in any colour from RAL palette
  • Enhance and protect your outdoor living all year round
  • Verandah Shade Blinds are environmentally friendly
  • Ideal for installation on commercial structures

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