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Ziptrak Interior blinds. A fresh approach to window furnishings.

The ever-popular outdoor Ziptrak® track guided system now has an indoor counterpart. Ziptrak® Interior blinds offer a fresh approach to indoor window furnishings.

The Ziptrak® Interior track guided system secures your chosen blind material within vertical tracks, preventing light from entering through gaps and creating total light blockout. Ziptrak® Interior offers superior insulation, as it keeps an air pocket between the blind and the glass which significantly enhances the insulation performance. Materials are available with a reflective backing in order to bounce direct sunlight back outside.

Ziptrak Interior blinds offer total control over light, airflow and insects. No more heavy blinds and curtains, covered in dust, with flimsy cords to pull. In addition to superior functionality, these blinds are exceptionally modern and stylish.

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The Benefits, Features and Options of Ziptrak® Interior Blinds


  • Perfect for bedrooms, apartments, and home cinemas.
  • Suitable for commercial installations, such as hotels, conference and board rooms, classrooms, medical facilities and office spaces.
  • No light gaps makes these blinds suitable for home theatres and shift worker's who require a dark room to sleep 
  • Robust design and materials - designed for demanding, frequent use. Made with durable, industrial grade componentry.
  • Family friendly - No cords or chains. Giving you peace of mind and safeguarding against potential hazards.
  • Total light and privacy control - Provide your guests, clients, staff, students or patients the privacy and control they deserve.
  • Control over shade and glare.
  • Australian owned and invented.
  • Versatile installation options.


  • Track guided system –no cords or chains.
  • Lightweight, simple operation - The patented spring system takes the weight of the rail and material off the user’s arm, a light downwards push of the blinds bottom bar will lower the blind.
  • Blind can stop and stay in any position.
  • Open or close in an instant.
  • No gaps – Complete light blockout. Does not allow light to seep through the gaps that other blinds have on each side.
  • Motorisation available - motorisation allows the user to lower the blind without reaching for anything but the remote.


  • System hardware colour - 4 standard colours to choose from
  • An extensive choice of fabrics and colours
  • Blockout or translucent material
  • Motorisation
  • Bottom bar skirting

Ready for a brand new Alfresco Blinds Co installation?

Our friendly and experienced team at Alfresco Blinds Co are ready to help you find the best Ziptrack® interior blinds for your space. We provide recommendations that are ideal in terms of practicality for heating, cooling and lifestyle factors, as well as aesthetic features that seamlessly fit into your indoor interior look.

Get your free measure and quote in Melbourne today! Simply contact us now on 1300 735 077 or send us an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you right away.


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