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Looking for Australian-Made Roller Blinds in Melbourne?

Are you on the hunt for the best indoor roller blinds for your Melbourne home? Looking to install indoor roller blinds in melbourne that are not only practical but are on the cutting edge of contemporary style? Discover quality Australian-Made matte and sheer roller blinds available in Melbourne from Alfresco Blinds Co.

Roller Blinds or otherwise known as holland blinds have become the latest trend and Our Melbourne indoor roller blinds are available in a wide range of textured fabrics, colours and designs – an excellent choice for any kind of interior in your home.

Choose From an Extensive Range of Melbourne-Made Roller Blinds

Whether you need 100% blockout roller blinds to protect from UV rays, heat and glare, a simple screen or a light-filtering roller blind fabric, our roller blinds can be customised to provide any room in your house with just the right level of heat and natural light. The classic Holland Blind has been a practical and popular window fashion in last century.

It’s easy to combine two of these products to create double roller blinds or Dual Roller Blinds for added versatility, allowing you to alternate between window coverings throughout the day and night without swapping out your furnishings. Indoor roller blinds are also a great way to change the look of any interior in an instant! Alfresco Blinds Co manufactures custom roller blinds in Melbourne using automatic Ultrasonic and laser cutting machines to ensure a perfect seal and no fraying on edges. All blinds manufactured are hoisted and tested before they are bagged and fitted to your windows.

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Indoor Roller Blinds That Compliment Any Aesthetic

A favourite option for many homes and commercial premises in Melbourne, indoor roller blinds perfectly complement any modern or traditional aesthetic and can be fully customised to suit any window, regardless of size or shape. Simply talk to our team about the options we have available.

We offer roller blinds with either spring-loaded or chain-operated systems for convenient opening and closing – whichever suits you best.

We can also offer motorised roller blinds solutions, with motors from trusted and reliable suppliers such as Acmeda Automate for battery or solar powered blind options or hardwired electric blind motors with leading brands including Somfy, Saber, Acmeda and Becker, enabling convenient remote-controlled operation.

Blockout Roller Blinds

As experts in the manufacture and installation of roller blinds in Melbourne, we understand the importance of high-quality components, which is why Rollease Acmeda is our supplier of choice. Designed and manufactured in Australia, Rollease Acmeda is a supplier of industry-leading roller blind, curtains and awning componentry. Their innovative products are of the highest quality, last longer than competitors, and give us the ability to offer slimline dual brackets, easy-link blind technology allowing multiple blinds to be linked together on one chain or motor and wire-free battery motor technology for roller blinds. In addition to its excellent products, Rollease Acmeda also offers the assurance of aftercare services enhancing the end-user experience.


Innovative Wire-Free Indoor Roller Blind Motorisation With Automate™ by Rollease Acmeda

Want Wireless Motorised Indoor Roller Blinds? Want to save thousands on electrical costs and not have to deal with ugly cords? Want them to connect to your smart home? Try Automate™ by Acmeda.

If you’re looking for motorised indoor roller blinds that can connect to your automated home but haven’t provisioned for power, or you don’t want ugly cables or exorbitant electrician charges, then Automate™ Wire-Free Li-Ion Zero Motors by Rollease Acmeda are for you!

Home automation using acmeda pulse 2 smart hub allows you to control the aspects of your home via one convenient control system, such as electric indoor roller blinds or smart lighting. Automate™ by Rollease Acmeda is compatible with a variety of premium home automation systems that allow shade control. It can also be controlled via the Automate™ Pulse 2 App available on any iOS & Android smartphone or tablet.

Automate™ Wire-Free Li-ion Zero is a modern, simple, and functional addition to residential homes and small commercial projects. No electrical wiring is required and the ability to be retrofitted into existing Rollease Acmeda systems makes for easy installation.

Blockout Roller Blinds

Blockout Roller Blinds

Our blockout roller blinds or or Holland Blinds excel at maintaining a tranquil indoor atmosphere by effectively blocking out external elements. They effectively filter up to 100% of harmful UV rays, ensuring the sun remains outside rather than penetrating your bedroom. Contrary to popular belief, blockout roller blinds are not limited to dark colors like black; they can be customized in any shade, including white! These blinds are an ideal choice for creating a serene, dark environment that promotes a restful night's sleep.

Cassette Roller Blinds

With their focus on minimizing light gaps and maximizing energy conservation, cassette roller blinds are an excellent choice for theater rooms and bedrooms. These blinds offer exceptional blackout capabilities and minimal light bleeding. What sets them apart is the inclusion of 55mm aluminum side channels, a feature not commonly found in other blind types. This unique design ensures superior light control and energy efficiency.

Cassette Roller Blinds
Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Light filtering roller blinds, also referred to as translucent blinds, provide a gentle filtration of natural light, creating a soft and inviting ambiance in the room while maintaining privacy control. These blinds effectively adjust the amount of sunlight entering the space, reducing glare and protecting against harmful UV rays. With their elegant touch, they add a sophisticated edge to your decor.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds offer the perfect solution for keeping your rooms cool during the summer months, making them an exceptional choice for lounge rooms and living areas. As their name implies, these blinds excel at providing sun protection and effectively filtering out harmful rays. Depending on your preferred color, sunscreen roller blinds either reflect or absorb heat while preserving your outdoor view and ensuring privacy. They combine functionality with style to enhance your living space.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds
Double Roller Blinds

Double Roller Blinds

Double roller blinds, also referred to as day/night blinds, provide a versatile window covering solution by incorporating two layers of fabric. This design offers the best of both worlds. One blind is specifically designed as a blockout blind, effectively blocking light, while the other is typically a sunscreen blind that allows natural light to filter through. Both blinds operate on the same mechanism, allowing you to control them individually based on your desired lighting and privacy preferences. This dual functionality makes double roller blinds a highly adaptable choice for any space.

Chain Control Roller Blinds

Previously, roller blinds were operated using springs, but they have evolved to be controlled by chain mechanisms. This advancement enables smoother and more effortless rolling up and down of the blinds. Additionally, you have the option to choose between left or right hand side controls, providing you with increased control and flexibility in operating the blinds.

Chain Control Roller Blinds
Motorised Roller Blinds

Motorised Roller Blinds

Motorized roller blinds are gaining popularity due to their user-friendly nature, making them an ideal solution for many individuals. These blinds are customized to fit your specific measurements and are available in a wide range of colors. They often come equipped with a convenient remote control, providing the utmost convenience in operation. Additionally, motorized roller blinds are considered a safer option, especially for households with children, as they eliminate the need for cords.

Roller Blinds Hardware

Alfresco Blinds Co partners with Australian solar shading manufacturers to offer environmentally friendly roller blind systems featuring our sustainable roller shade fabrics.

The information provided below acts as a convenient resource to understand the various roller blind hardware systems. To obtain detailed information about a system that aligns with your project needs, please contact us.

Chain Operated Roller Shade: Chain-driven roller blind systems operate through manual control, enabling users to easily raise or lower the shading fabric by utilizing a chain drive mechanism.

Motorised Roller Shade: Motorized roller blind systems offer convenient functionality, enabling users to effortlessly raise or lower the blinds using a wall switch, remote control, or integrated intelligent automation systems for seamless operation.

Linked Roller Shade: By interconnecting multiple roller blinds, it is possible to control them using a single unit, ensuring minimal light gaps between each shade. The roller blinds can be horizontally linked and even positioned at 90-degree angles if desired.


Benefits, Options & Features of Alfresco Blinds Co's Indoor Roller Blinds

Roller Blind Benefits

  • Rolling blinds are easy to use and operate, making them a great choice for your home windows or sliding doors where you regularly open and close your roller blinds.
  • Operate on an easily controlled, heavy-duty chain system manufactured by Acmeda, making them easily adjustable and effortless to clean.
  • The roller blinds are only as wide as your window, so they take up minimal space while allowing for maximum view.
  • Easy care and maintenance – an occasional wipe with a damp cloth or light vacuum allows the roller blinds to look like new.
  • Our screen fabrics provide UV protection and privacy while still allowing you to see out.
  • Allows flexibility of combining two blinds together to create a day and night combination ( dual roller blinds ) to have the best of all worlds.
  • Help to keep the warmth in during winter and keep the heat out in summer.
  • Full blockout roller blinds offer great privacy and ensure people cannot see inside, or alternatively opt for a sunscreen roller blind to keep the privacy without losing the view.
  • Roller blinds are an affordable, practical and versatile window covering solution which provides a classic and stylish look.
  • Can be designed to suit any home design – modern, contemporary or traditional. We help design and install the roller blinds Melbourne residents love having in their homes.

Roller Blind Options

Alfresco Blinds Co offers a large range of roller blinds options so you can customise your installation to suit your requirements. Choose from our wide range of fabrics, trims and hardware options. We stock and supply all major leading retail brands, including Wilsons, Shaw Fabrics, Shann, Filigree, Four Seasons and Textiles. Roller blinds can be operated by either a chain drive control system or motorisation (either hardwired or battery operated) using Acmeda's lithium-ion Automate series.

Roller Blind Features

  • All of our roller blinds in Melbourne are custom-made blinds to the highest standards using all Australian componentry making them the best blinds in Melbourne.
  • Light filtering roller blinds and sunscreen roller blind fabrics offer a way to reduce glare while still allowing a large amount of soft natural light into your room without blocking the view.
  • We use high-quality materials including shaw performance fabrics, Wilson fabrics, uniline fabrics and much more which include heavy duty 38mm, 42mm aluminium roller tubes as standard, aluminium bottom rails in 4 different range of colours and either metal or plastic chain loops and or roller blinds motorisation.
  • The exclusive use of Acmeda hardware, available in classic chain drive, linked brackets, and dual brackets and spring assist, demonstrates our commitment to quality.
  • Alfresco Blinds Co employs innovative manufacturing techniques, such as ultrasonic cutting to prevent fraying, so your roller blinds look better for longer and avoid later complications with frays and ripple effects.
  • Made to comply with Australian Child Safety Laws.
  • Alfresco Blinds Co roller blinds are made locally in Australia.

Fabric Roller Blinds in Melbourne

Are you hoping for a 100% blackout roller blind to protect you from UV rays, or just want that extra privacy? Fabric roller blinds are a popular choice among homeowners and business owners alike. These blinds offer a simple yet stylish solution to window coverings, complementing a variety of interiors.

Easy to clean and maintain, fabric roller blinds also provide excellent control over the amount of sunlight entering a room. You can adjust them according to your needs, providing a cool shade in summer and allowing natural warmth to fill your space in winter.

If you're looking for custom-made fabric roller blinds in Melbourne, Alfresco Blinds Co offers a wide range of colours and designs.

Roller Blinds in Melbourne – Improve Your Space

At Alfresco Blinds Co, our commitment is to provide window solutions that align with your exact requirements and vision. Whether you wish to rework your living room with a modern touch or add elegance to your bedroom, our custom roller blinds look beautiful in any space.

Combining style and substance, our customs blinds are designed not just to elevate your home or commercial space, but use premium fabric materials from trusted suppliers like Zepel Fabrics, Warwick Fabrics, and Hoad Fabrics. And if you want to alternative between window coverings throughout the day, our team can create double roller blinds or dual roller blinds.

clearview sunscreen mesh

Why Choose Alfresco Blinds Co for Roller Blinds in Melbourne?

Choosing the right provider for your roller blinds in Melbourne is equally crucial as selecting the perfect design for your home or commercial space. Alfresco Blinds Co’s commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive only the highest quality products and services.

  • Local Expertise: Being a local company, we understand Melbourne's ever-changing weather and design our blinds to offer optimal protection throughout the year.
  • Customised Solutions: We create blinds that cater to your specific style and outdoor space needs ensuring perfect integration and functionality.
  • Quality Materials: Our blinds are manufactured from durable materials capable of withstanding Melbourne's weather conditions, guaranteeing longevity and performance.
  • Professional Installation & Service: Our seasoned team ensures a smooth installation process and provides top-notch customer service. We are committed to ensuring complete satisfaction with your investment.
  • Enhanced Outdoor Living: Our café blinds help increase the utility of your outdoor spaces, offering shade, privacy, and protection from the elements. This allows for a comfortable outdoor setting you can enjoy all year round.
  • Increases Property Value: Aside from the immediate benefits, cafe blinds give an added advantage, increasing the value of your property. They are a smart investment if you plan on selling your property in the future.

Contact us today on 1300 735 077 to request a measure and quote or visit us at our showroom in Epping to browse our selection of roller blinds.

Fabric Roller Blinds – Enhance Your Melbourne Home

Our fabric roller blinds improve not only the aesthetic appeal of your home but also offer practical advantages like enhanced light control and privacy.

Whether you’re living in Epping, Wollert, or surrounding areas, our roller blinds are an excellent addition to any home. Contact us today at 1300 735 077 for a free measurement and quotation today.


Ready for a brand new interior roller blinds installation from Alfresco Blinds Co?

Our friendly and experienced team at Alfresco Blinds Co are ready to help you find the best interior roller blinds for your Melbourne home. We provide recommendations that are ideal in terms of practicality for heating, cooling and lifestyle factors, as well as aesthetic features that seamlessly fit into your indoor interior look.

Get your free measure and quote in Melbourne today! Simply contact us now on 1300 735 077 or send us an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you right away.

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Alfresco Indoor Blinds Products

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds or otherwise known as holland blinds have become the latest trend and Our Melbourne indoor roller blinds are available in a wide range of textured fabrics, colours and designs.
Double Roller Blinds - Alfresco Blinds

Ziptrak Interior

The Ziptrak® Interior track guided system secures your chosen blind material within vertical tracks, preventing light from entering through gaps and creating total light blockout.
Roller Blinds - Alfresco Blinds

Double Roller Blinds

We cover Melbourne's southeastern, eastern, and western regions. Additionally, we offer the flexibility of either visiting our showroom or arranging a home visit with one of our friendly consultants.
Ziptrak Interior - Alfresco Blinds

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a versatile installation and can be made to look casual or formal depending on the look you are trying to achieve.
Blockout Roller Cassette - Alfresco Blinds

Motorised Roller

Whether you're caught up in various tasks, dealing with hard-to-reach windows, or simply tired of dealing with traditional chains, blind motorisation offers a practical solution.
Roman Blinds - Alfresco Blinds

Blockout Roller Cassette

Cassettes and side channels enhance roller blinds with a modern, sleek, and stylish appearance. The cassette covers the top of the roller blind, concealing the mechanisms and fabric roll.
Motorised Rollers - Alfresco Blinds

Frequently Asked Questions About Roller Blinds in Melbourne

What is a day/night roller blind?

A Day/Night Roller Blind or otherwise know in Melbourne as double blinds or dual roller blinds, is when there are two roller blinds fitted within the one window. Often a screen roller blind or light filtering roller blind or escreen mesh roller blind in 5% or 10% openness to have down during the day for privacy but still allowing light in, and a blockout roller blind at night to make the room as dark as possible. The specialized roller blind dual brackets we use are streamlined so they fit neatly against the window frame. Or other options is to fit one blind in the recess mainly the sunscreen blinds and a blockout blind on the face of a window architrave, Dual roller blinds CAN be motorised and also have ability to be linked.

What is the difference between single and double roller blinds?

Single roller blinds are made up of one blind, while double roller blinds comprise of two separate blinds on the same system. In most cases, double roller blinds incorporate a blockout shade as well as a translucent shade that allows some light in, giving you total light control.

Can I motorise my roller blinds?

Yes! Motorised blinds are a popular option for who wish to add convenience to their roller blinds installations. We only use the best Australian and European motors and componentry. They’re also effortlessly controlled from a remote control, or a smartphone app.

What are blockout roller blinds?

Blockout roller blinds keep out all incoming light. These blinds instantly darken your room and keep daylight out. Additionally, blockout blinds add insulation and keep harsh UV rays outside. Made from specialised blockout fabrics, we can customise these blinds to suit your existing décor.

Where can I install roller blinds in my home?

The great news is that roller blinds can be made narrow enough to fit on any window. We install the blind fittings on or inside the window frame, depending on your requirements. An outside recess is better for blocking out light and increasing privacy. An inside recess leaves a gap big enough for light to enter.

How are roller blinds measured for installation?

Measuring blinds depends on whether you want an inside or outside recess. Once you’ve assessed if you’re going to need a blackout shade or if you’d prefer letting some light in, one of our expert installers will do the measurements. This will ensure that they leave enough space for accurate and professional installation.

Can I clean my roller blinds?

Depending on the material selected the answer is Yes, roller blinds can be cleaned using a damp cotton cloth. Avoid using any bleach or cleaning products that contain bleach as this could discolour your blind. A gentle rub on the spot immediately after it’s been stained is recommended, or a magic eraser which can be bought at Woolworths or Coles. To find out in detail how to clean your blinds follow the specific user manual advised from the brand of fabric selected.

Can I cut my existing roller blind into a smaller sized blind?

Existing roller blinds can be reduced in size not increased so yes, but it will need to be done with proper cutting equipment using an ultrasonic cutting machine. The roller blinds will need to be completely dismantled and then reassembled after cutting. Alfresco Blinds co will only alter roller blinds made by them.

Is there a big difference between off-the-shelf roller blinds and custom-made roller blinds or made-to-measure roller blinds?

The answer is a dramatic yes, there is a very large difference in quality and componentry used between off the shelf blinds bought roller blinds from a large retail chain and blinds that are custom made and purchased from a local retailer. Custom made roller blinds are far more superior in quality in regard to tube type and size, chain componentry and bottom rails and are made to fit your windows unlike ready-made which come in set sizes so they'll look they should be there. not to mention the convenience and time saved by having a professional install.

Over-roll vs Under-roll for roller blinds

Over-rolled roller blinds are suitable when the blind is mounted in the recess of the window for clients who do not want to see the tube or the backing of the blind fabric, this creates a clean finish and can avoid cost for bonded pelmets to hide the blind backing or tube. Under-rolled roller blinds more standard and make it easier to operate the chain when pulling the blind up or down as it guides better and sits closer to the window glass. For people who wish to avoid light gaps a blockout roller blind mounted onto the outside of the window frame (otherwise known as Face-Fixed roller blinds) and under-rolled so the fabric is closest to the frame to minimise the gaps, both have their positives and negatives and would need to be discussed with a sales consultant to advise the best solution that suits your home needs.

Blinds vs Curtains?

This is the million-dollar question, whether to choose Roller Blinds over curtains. For cost effectives, clean lines we would suggest roller blinds, otherwise if you want a warmer, grand feel which also has more thermal properties then curtains are the way to go. My personal favourite is when combining sheer curtains with blockout roller blinds which allows for the best of all worlds and by far is Melbourne’s trendiest combination today.

Can you repair my existing roller blinds Melbourne?

Alfresco Blinds Co can only look at repairing blinds which are ours. That is, we do not repair blinds made or sold by another company. In most of these caseswe find it to be more cost-effective option to get new blinds.

Can you convert existing Roller Blinds to Motorised Blinds?

Alfresco Blinds Co can only convert blinds originally manufactured or supplied by them. The answer is yes, but blinds must be taken away to factory to have skin trim as dimensions are different to chain operated and a specific motor tube must be applied to make the change, even though this can be done it is much more cost effective to order motorised woller blinds from the beginning or when purchasing your chain operated roller blinds ask the consultant to upgrade to motor tubes to allow for future on-site conversion.

Are roller blinds cheaper than curtains?

Yes, Roller Blinds tend to be much cheaper drapes or curtains.

Are roller blinds better inside or outside?

This is dependant on the beholder, the benefit to fitting roller blinds outside of the architrave allows for better blockout as most blinds have a 10mm side gap from the winder to the fabric and overlapping it onto the outside of the arcs allows more light block but also make the tube visible and backing of the material selected so can be not as appealing unless a pelmet is added. Fitting a roller blinds n the recess means more light can pass through the sides but allows for a clean finish, there are now options to add blockout side-channels to your roller blinds to allow full blockout of light whilst in recess.

Can You combine sheer curtains and roller blinds?

Combining sheer curtains and roller blinds is easy with many curtain and blind fabrics providing matching ranges that were designed by decorator to work together. Sheer curtains and roller blinds are a match made in heaven and will provide you with the ultimate in flexibility. Not only does this combination allow you to control light levels with ease, but it also provides you the privacy and insulation benefits you require during the day and night.

But sometimes trying to match the perfect roller blind and sheer curtain fabric can be tricky. Alfresco blind co mainly advises to keep the blockout roller blinds as simple as possible and normally advise to match the wall paint colour so when the sheer sits in front it doesn’t detach from it look or create a color shaped look behind the sheer. Our s-fold Sheer curtains can installed either face mounted with extension brackets to clear the roller blinds or in a square set home we can roof mount the curtain tracks, our favourite look is when clients create recess plaster bulkheads to hide all these as it seems to come out of the ceiling.

Why are fabric roller blinds popular in Melbourne?

Melbourne's unique architectural landscape calls for window treatments that are versatile and aesthetically pleasing. Fabric roller blinds fit the bill with the ability to provide adjustable shading, complement various interiors, and offer privacy control. They are also easy to clean and maintain, and deal well with Melbourne's ever-changing weather conditions.

Where can I find custom-made fabric roller blinds in Melbourne?

Alfresco Blinds Co is a leading provider of custom-made fabric roller blinds in Melbourne. We offer a wide selection of colours and designs, using premium fabric materials from trusted suppliers to ensure superior quality and outstanding results.

What benefits can I expect from custom-made roller blinds in Melbourne?

Custom-made roller blinds offer many benefits, including optimal window coverage and greater control over light and privacy.

How can I properly maintain my fabric roller blinds in Melbourne?

Regular care and maintenance can help ensure the longevity of your fabric roller blinds. Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning. Instead, use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt, and a mildly soapy damp cloth for any stains. It's also essential to check for loose components regularly and correct any minor issues immediately to prevent further damage.

Why should I choose Alfresco Blinds Co for roller blinds in Melbourne?

Alfresco Blinds Co prides itself on its commitment to excellence. We offer a selection of roller blinds, expert craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and fast, efficient delivery and installation services. We ensure that our clients in Melbourne receive only the highest quality products and services.

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