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Blinds are an excellent investment to upgrade your home or office, but it must be done right. Partner with experts like Alfresco Blinds Co to ensure you get the look, quality and price you need. We make sure everything is done right, the first time!

When looking for blinds Melbourne residents know they can trust our team. For over a decade, Alfresco Blinds Co has been around helping homeowners and businesses get the aesthetics they want. Also, you get the functionality that new innovative indoor and outdoor blinds make possible.

Alfresco Blinds Co is managed by a family who has themselves been part of the blinds industry for over 30 years. Let’s use our expertise to get you the installation you’re looking for.


Blinds Keysborough

Indoor Blinds Range

Our wide range of indoor blinds products caters for any decorative or functional preference you may have. Also, we’ll make sure that your blinds fit perfectly, thanks to custom manufactured blinds, according to the unique measurements you require.

We can supply and install classic blind types like Roman and Venetian blinds. We use trusted suppliers and quality materials and components, ensuring you get value for money.

Also consider innovative blinds such as Ziptrak blinds or the ultimate in contemporary window coverings — roller blinds. What do you need from your blinds exactly? These installations can help with managing privacy, blocking UV rays, improving insulation, or controlling glare. Some of our products also take up minimal space, giving you practical window covering solutions even for small spaces.

Many indoor blinds products come in a range of colours, textures and fabrics. For property owners in Keysborough your new blinds can match perfectly with your rooms’ colour palettes too.


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Outdoor Blinds Range

Take blinds outside your home, with our expansive range of outdoor blinds. With outdoor blinds Keysborough properties’ aesthetics can be upgraded with just one installation, all thanks to the many colours, fabrics and options we offer. Match your blinds to your building’s façade and you create a unified look to boost your property value.

Outdoor blinds are also valuable for practical reasons. The quality installations we offer are almost as good as adding exterior walls. So, with an installation from Alfresco Blinds Co you can turn a normal patio into a new room. Enjoy the idea of being outside, but benefit from being protected from sun, wind, rain and bugs.

Our range caters for various needs and includes Ziptrak blinds, roller crank blinds, eZip blinds and more. Each has its own benefits, and our experts will give you personalised customer care and advice, to identify the best product for your property.

Also ask us about our motorised options that make it so much easier to operate your newly installed blinds in Keysborough.


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Commercial and Residential Applications

Have you considered what blinds can do for your business? For eateries, café blinds can be how you create more space outside, to cater for more customers. With a custom installation, blinds can also be a budget-friendly option to upgrade your store front.

For homeowners in Keysborough blinds can be the key to increasing property value. Blinds also make rooms cosier while giving you loads or practical value.

All these options, for home or business, are available at very competitive pricing—as long as you partner with Alfresco Blinds Co. And we promise fast delivery matched with personal service and a long warranty period.

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