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Awnings and Melbourne weather go together like nothing else. You can use outdoor awnings to enhance the aesthetic of your home or business whilst also providing premium protection against the elements, making awnings a top choice for Melbourne renovators. Our experts will find the ideal outdoor awnings for you in terms of practicality for heating, cooling, privacy and lifestyle factors, as well as aesthetic features that seamlessly fit with the facade of your home or business. Awnings in Melbourne are ideal for creating the perfect outdoor space to entertain and relax, whether you're working with a residential or commercial property. Manual and motorised styles are available, so regardless of your preferences, Alfresco Blinds Co will be able to help you find an awning solution that is perfect for you. Our collection of high-quality outdoor awnings is both functional and stylish, so browse our collection of awnings in Melbourne below.


Work With the Melbourne Awnings Experts

Want to be able to enjoy your outdoor entertainment areas without having to deal with the intense Melbourne sun? At Alfresco Blinds Co, we have a plethora of styles available to suit your Awnings Melbourne needs, such as; Traditional Awnings, Canvas Awnings, Automatic Awnings, Folding Arm Awnings, Sun Shades and Sunscreen Blinds, Retractable Awnings, Dutch Hoods, Straight Drop Awnings, Fixed Guide Awnings, Wire Guide Awnings and more! Our Melbourne-made modern window awnings are available in a huge range of fabrics and colours. Browse our range of Awnings in Melbourne and get in touch with the team today to book a FREE measure and quote.

Shop Across A Range of Melbourne-Made Outdoor Awnings Online

Conveniently browse through our range of outdoor awnings in Melbourne available online including folding arm awnings, eShade, traditional awnings, and more. Speak with our team of experts today and let us guide you towards the perfect outdoor shade solution for your residential or commercial property. We have all of Melbourne's Awning needs covered (get it?)!

Outdoor Window Awnings Provide Protection From Melbourne's Tempermental Weather

Protect your home or business from the harsh Australian elements by installing outdoor awnings from a trusted Melbourne awning supplier. We all know first-hand how unpredictable Australia’s weather can be, ranging from extreme heat to gusty winds, and pelting rain and hail, which is why our awnings are built with Melbourne's weather and climate in mind. At Alfresco Blinds Co, we’ll help you find the best outdoor awnings solution that will not only be practical and protect your home or business but will also look fantastic. Trust Alfresco Blinds Co to help you install awnings in your Melbourne home.

One of the most common factors leading to higher heating and cooling costs is unprotected windows. Windows easily absorb the outside temperature and radiate it directly into your home. The last thing you want is your windows drawing in extra cold and heat, especially in the peak of summer or winter. A simple addition of outdoor window awnings can significantly reduce your heating and cooling expenses in the long run. Outdoor window awnings will make a stylish yet functional addition to your home.

Melbourne-Made Quality Outdoor Awnings in Australia

We prioritise customer satisfaction by supplying and fitting the most reliable, premium-quality outdoor awnings in homes and businesses across Australia. We place an extremely high standard on the products and services we offer and ensure that we deliver nothing short of the best when it comes to quality. We create and manufacture our awnings in Melbourne, Victoria, with our team of highly skilled and experienced workers. This ensures that with every purchase you make at Alfresco Blinds Co, you’re receiving reliable, high-quality outdoor awnings that will last for years, keeping your family, friends, staff, and visitors comfortable and happy.

Rest Easy With a 5-Year Warranty on All Outdoor Awnings

With a 5-Year Warranty on all of our outdoor awnings in Melbourne, you can rest comfortably assured that you’re receiving quality awning products fitted in your home and business premises. We’re serious about providing the best awnings in the market, and not many competitors can offer the same level of quality guarantee as we do. At Alfresco Blinds Co, we’re confident in the durability and reliability of all our products, however, if you are concerned about unexpected issues occurring, you can rest easy knowing that you have a 5-year warranty. With a simple call, our team of skilled blind experts will be ready to help you right away.

Premier Awnings in Melbourne – Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Do you want to improve the look of your home or business building? Create the ideal outdoor environment with our elegant and durable awnings. At Alfresco Blinds, we offer an extensive collection of outdoor awnings in Melbourne designed to withstand the changing weather conditions. Whether you want to entertain guests, spend quality time with family, or unwind in your home's outdoor space, our top-quality awnings make it possible in any weather. Our awnings are specially crafted to block harmful UV rays, provide shelter from the rain, and create a cooler environment during Melbourne's hot summers.

Our distinctive outdoor awnings blend practicality, artistry, and innovation to deliver superior shading solutions for your spaces. So, whether you're looking to enhance your property in Epping or Wollert, we've got you covered. Experience the difference of true craftsmanship with Alfresco Blinds.

Folding Arm Awnings Melbourne Wide

Window Awnings in Melbourne – Well-Crafted and Stylish

Elevate your home or business's exterior appeal with our aesthetically pleasing window awnings.

Our awnings complement any architectural design, from Victorian-style homes in Greensborough to modern commercial buildings in Hawthorn. Besides their beautifying aspect, our window awnings offer practical solutions like reducing the indoor temperature and protecting your furnishings from sun damage.

Alfresco Blinds ensures you get value for your money by incorporating durable materials from trusted suppliers, ensuring longevity and performance. Transform your windows from a mere functional element to a stunning design feature with our top-quality outdoor awnings blinds.

Why Choose Alfresco Blinds for Awnings in Melbourne?

When it comes to outdoor awnings in Melbourne, Alfresco Blinds stands above the rest. Here's why you should choose us:

  • Tailored Awnings: We don't believe in one-size-fits-all. That's why we custom-make our awnings to fit the dimensions of your outdoor space perfectly.
  • Quality Materials: We use only the best materials from reputable suppliers, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Our team of skilled craftsmen works tirelessly to deliver awnings that embody beauty and functionality.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We place a massive emphasis on customer satisfaction and offer a 5-year warranty on all our awnings.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our awnings regulate the temperature of your space, leading to reduced dependency on air-conditioning systems and lower energy costs.

Awnings in Melbourne – Contact Us Today

If you want to elevate the appeal of your outdoor space with premium-quality awnings in Melbourne, contact us at 1300 735 077 for a free measure and quote.

With us, you invest in improving your Melbourne property with long-lasting, stylish, and practical shading solutions.


Ready for a brand new Melbourne awning installation from Alfresco Blinds Co?

Let Alfresco Blinds Co support you in finding the best Melbourne-made awnings for your space. We provide recommendations that are ideal in terms of practicality for heating, cooling and lifestyle factors, as well as aesthetic features that seamlessly fit into your preferred look and style.

Get your free measure and quote for awnings in Melbourne today! Simply contact us now on 1300 735 077 or send us an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you right away.

Alfresco Experienced Team

Frequently Asked Questions About Awnings in Melbourne

How long do outdoor awnings last?

Awnings can last anywhere between 5 to 15 years. However, the lifetime of your awnings is dependent on a few factors:
- Frame quality: We provide a sturdy, weather-resistant metal frames on all installations.
- Fabric: Our quality outdoor fabrics are hardy and endure exposure to the elements.
- Maintenance: regular inspections and cleaning will ensure awnings stay in a good condition.
- Treatment: looking after your awnings will ensure they last as long as possible.

What is a retractable awning?

These awnings can be retracted for the sun and extended for shade. Retractable awnings feature spring-loaded arms that provide support. Additionally, they’re mounted on strong, durable brackets which are attached to the building. These types of awnings eliminate the use of vertical support poles.

Can I leave my awnings open during strong winds?

Awnings can last anywhere between 5 to 15 years. However, the lifetime of your awnings is dependent on a few factors:
- Frame quality: We provide a sturdy, weather-resistant metal frames on all installations
- Fabric: Our quality outdoor fabrics are hardy and endure exposure to the elements
- Maintenance: regular inspections and cleaning will ensure awnings stay in a good condition
- Treatment: looking after your awnings will aid in a longer lasting awning

Should I get motorised outdoor awnings?

Retracting a large manual awning or closing an awning on a windy day can be difficult. Motorisation adds convenience and allows you to stop the awning at any point in the opening or closing process. They’re easier to operate, reliable, and use very little electricity.

How are awnings mounted on a building?

Typically, there are three mounting methods, depending on the wall structure and height:
- Wall mounting: Awnings are attached to a solid sub-structure such as a beam
- Ceiling mounting: Mounting brackets are installed vertically into the wall
- Rafter mounting: Brackets are fixed to a rafter and installed on the roof structure

Why should I consider installing outdoor awnings in Melbourne?

Melbourne's climate varies, and to enjoy your outdoor space, installing awnings becomes essential. Awnings provide residents with protection against harmful UV rays, rain, and create a cooler environment during hot summers. Additionally, they increase the aesthetic appeal of your property.

How do Alfresco Blinds' outdoor awnings blinds benefit my property?

Our outdoor awnings blinds not just enhance the look of your property but also serve many functional benefits. They help in reducing the indoor temperature and protect your furnishings from sun damage.

Can I get custom-sized awnings in Melbourne from Alfresco Blinds?

Absolutely, Alfresco Blinds offers tailored awnings. We believe that each outdoor space is unique and therefore, we custom-make our awnings to fit your outdoor space perfectly.

What type of maintenance do the window awnings in Melbourne require?

The window awnings require regular cleaning with a soft cloth to prevent dust accumulation, proper handling to avoid damage, and professional checks at least once a year to ensure they remain in excellent condition.

How do the outdoor awnings in Melbourne improve energy efficiency?

Outdoor awnings aid in regulating the temperature of your space. This results in less dependency on air-conditioning systems and hence leads to lower energy costs.

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