Motorisation or Automated Roller Blinds

Looking for Automated Roller Blinds in Melbourne?

In today's fast-paced world, having remote-controlled roller blinds can be incredibly convenient. Whether you're caught up in various tasks, dealing with hard-to-reach windows, or simply tired of dealing with traditional chains, blind motorisation offers a practical solution. By enabling your shades to be effortlessly raised or lowered with a single button press or even controlled through your smart device, regardless of your location, it introduces a sophisticated and contemporary approach to managing window furnishings in Melbourne.

Motorisation provides a significant advantage for households with young children or pets, ensuring their safety by eliminating access to hazardous cords. Opting for motorised blinds, whether it's for roller blinds, window shades, or larger, heavier blinds, is a logical choice. In today's Melbourne homes, motorised blinds offer the added convenience of setting timers to automatically open and close blinds at specific times, tailored to one's lifestyle. This feature proves beneficial for shift workers, as well as individuals who want to deter criminals and create the illusion of occupancy by remotely adjusting their blinds while away.

Operating motorised blinds is a straightforward process. You have various options at your disposal: you can use a handheld remote or a wall-mounted remote, or simply open an app on your Android or iPhone to control them. In fact, some motorised blinds even support voice commands, adding an extra level of convenience. At Alfresco Blinds Co, we prioritize quality by sourcing top-tier brands like Acmeda, Somfy, Saber, Becker, and Linx. These brands are renowned for their exceptional precision, performance, and come with superior warranties. Rest assured, we have all the options covered when it comes to the type of blind or motor you desire.

Smarter Controls for Climate and Light Management

In today's Melbourne homes, many were not originally designed with motorisation in mind, and some lack the necessary electrical infrastructure for traditional motorised blinds. However, with the advent of new lithium-ion battery motors, this limitation becomes a thing of the past. These motors offer a simple installation process without the need for cords or the involvement of an electrician. Additionally, if your home has access to alternative power sources, such as outlets or wiring, it opens up even more possibilities for larger motorised options.

The remote control allows you to effortlessly control a single shade or multiple shades within a given area. This automation not only provides convenience but also ensures safety and ease of use. By automating your shades and blinds, we aim to deliver a seamless user experience.

What types of Indoor Blind treatments can be motorised?

Roman blinds are not the only products within our indoor blinds range that can be motorised. We offer a variety of options, including s-fold sheers, Roman blinds, and Venetian blinds, all of which can be motorised for your convenience. Additionally, heavy curtain drapes are also a suitable solution for motorisation.

In today's rapidly advancing world, it is only logical to embrace the benefits of automated blinds, given the multitude of technological advancements available. By staying abreast of the ever-evolving landscape of home automation, we can align ourselves with the future. Electric roller blinds have become increasingly prevalent in both residential and commercial settings in Melbourne, contributing to a sleek and modern aesthetic. The use of automatic roller blinds elevates convenience levels in workplaces, homes, and offices, catering to needs that people may not have even realized they had. Moreover, there are smart home options that may be compatible with motorised blinds, such as apps or voice-activated devices, offering additional flexibility and control.


Alfresco Blinds Co takes great pride in providing electric motorised blinds to homes in Melbourne and the surrounding metropolitan areas, ensuring our customers enjoy the utmost convenience and exceptional quality they have come to expect and appreciate.

Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire process, starting from pre-wiring new homes to accommodate future automated blinds installation. We understand that selecting the right type of motors for your specific needs can be overwhelming due to the wide range of brands, requirements, and specifications. However, rest assured that our team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in motorisation, guaranteeing that you are in capable hands.

To cater to individual preferences, our customers have the flexibility to choose from a variety of control options, including a hand-held remote control, wall-mounted remote control, or smart hub to seamlessly integrate with home automation systems. For single blinds, a single-channel remote control is available, while a multi-channel remote control can efficiently manage up to 15 different blinds. Additionally, we offer a selection of powered motors suitable for heavier internal blinds or for clients who require continuous power supply to their blinds.

Battery Powered Motorised Roller Blinds

We offer two leading brands of battery-powered motorized roller blinds: Acmeda Automate, known as the world's innovator and leader in this technology, and Saber Motors.

Battery roller blinds offer a cost-effective solution as they eliminate the need for an electrician, despite having a slightly higher purchase price. In the long run, they prove beneficial by reducing electrician costs, minimizing power consumption in the home, and eliminating unsightly wires.

It's important to note that battery-powered motorized roller blinds have some limitations. They may not be suitable for lifting certain blind sizes, and they may not operate as swiftly and silently as most powered motors. However, advancements in technology have made them very close in performance.

It is not recommended to use the Acmeda easy-link system for battery roller blinds, as linking multiple blinds to operate together can significantly reduce their battery life due to the increased power requirements.

Hardwired Motorised Roller Blinds

There are several major brand options available for hardwired motors that you can choose from.

Powered blinds offer significant benefits to homes where cables can be concealed in bulkheads, making it difficult to charge battery-powered motors. With hardwired motors, you have constant and uninterrupted power supply.

Hardwired motors are known for their quiet operation and offer a wide range of options in terms of torque and speed.

By using hardwired motors, you can save money with the Easy-Link™ system. This system is designed for medium roller shades, allowing multiple shades to be controlled using a single motor. It ensures minimal gaps between each shade, making it a perfect addition to the Easy-Lock range. By linking shades together, you can save on motor costs while achieving a streamlined and synchronized appearance.

"Alexa, close the roller blinds"

Benefits, & Features of Motorised Roller Blinds


Are you aware that incorporating motorised blinds into your home or office can result in energy cost savings of at least 35%? By effectively managing your window treatments, you can save money in the long run by controlling the amount of sunlight entering the space, which helps regulate temperature and reduces the need for excessive heating or cooling. When your shades are connected to an automated system that takes into account weather forecasts and peak heat periods, a sensor will promptly notify the system to adjust the blinds accordingly. By having smart control hub devices nearby, you can ensure that your blinds are automatically adjusted as needed, leading to significant reductions in energy expenses.


Elevate the safety of your home or business by utilizing a timer feature that allows you to pre-set specific times for your blinds to retract. This clever function creates the illusion of occupancy even when you're away, providing an added layer of security. You have the flexibility to set the timer based on your preferred time intervals during the day or night or adjust it based on how sunlight enters the space, effectively keeping the area cooler and reducing energy costs.

For parents prioritizing the safety of their children, it's essential to consider all potential hazards. While safety measures like cabinet locks, outlet covers, and door knobs are commonly implemented, the hanging cords from blinds often go unnoticed. By opting for motorised blinds, you significantly reduce the likelihood of your child encountering any mishaps or your pet becoming entangled in the cords, ensuring a safer environment for all.


In the current era, it is crucial to prioritize our health and implement necessary precautions and protocols to safeguard ourselves and minimize the spread of germs. Motorized blinds play a significant role in this aspect by eliminating the need for cords and other devices that require physical contact, thus reducing the risk of germ transmission.


Who would want unsightly cords and safety chain locks ruining the elegant decor of their space? By opting for motorized roller blinds, you can avoid the need for unnecessary holes and maintain a visually pleasing aesthetic. These blinds can be fully customized to suit your specific needs, ensuring they seamlessly blend with your design scheme and create the desired look and feel for your space.


In certain cases, reaching certain window treatments in your home can be a challenge. Whether it's high-up stairwell windows or obstacles like a couch obstructing access, it can become inconvenient. However, with the integration of automated blinds, this inconvenience transforms into a convenient solution. These blinds enable easy operation without any hassle, making it a seamless and hassle-free experience to adjust and control your window treatments.


One of the most effective methods to discourage intruders is to create the illusion that someone is present at home, even when they're not. An excellent solution for achieving this is through the use of automatic timers, which can be conveniently set via a smartphone or pre-programmed. By motorizing the blinds, you gain the ability to operate them from anywhere in the world, as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection in your home. Even when you're away, the consistent opening and closing of the blinds each day can make a noticeable difference in deterring potential intruders.


Few things are as frustrating as limited mobility and the inability to move freely. Whether it's individuals with physical impairments, older adults, or those facing specific mobility challenges, having a remote-controlled solution can make a significant difference. With a simple touch of a button, motorised blinds can be adjusted according to their preferences, providing a newfound sense of control. This feature is not only convenient but also enhances safety for individuals in such situations, as it helps them avoid the risk of losing balance or struggling with everyday tasks that we often take for granted. Motorized blinds effectively restore the control they may have lost, empowering them to navigate their environment with ease and independence.

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FAQ's about Indoor Roller Blinds

What is the difference between single and double roller blinds?

Single roller blinds are made up of one blind, while double roller blinds comprise of two separate blinds on the same system. In most cases, double roller blinds incorporate a blockout shade as well as a translucent shade that allows some light in, giving you total light control.

Can I motorise my roller blinds?

Yes! Motorised blinds are a popular option for who wish to add convenience to their roller blinds installations. We only use the best Australian and European motors and componentry. They’re also effortlessly controlled from a remote control, or a smartphone app.

What are blockout roller blinds?

Blockout roller blinds keep out all incoming light. These blinds instantly darken your room and keep daylight out. Additionally, blockout blinds add insulation and keep harsh UV rays outside. Made from specialised blockout fabrics, we can customise these blinds to suit your existing décor.

Where can I install roller blinds in my home?

The great news is that roller blinds can be made narrow enough to fit on any window. We install the blind fittings on or inside the window frame, depending on your requirements. An outside recess is better for blocking out light and increasing privacy. An inside recess leaves a gap big enough for light to enter.

How are roller blinds measured for installation?

Measuring blinds depends on whether you want an inside or outside recess. Once you’ve assessed if you’re going to need a blackout shade or if you’d prefer letting some light in, one of our expert installers will do the measurements. This will ensure that they leave enough space for accurate and professional installation.

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