Blockout Roller Blind Cassettes + Side Channels

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Cassettes and side channels enhance roller blinds with a modern, sleek, and stylish appearance. The cassette covers the top of the roller blind, concealing the mechanisms and fabric roll. Optionally, the side channels serve as a frame that encloses the sides of the roller blind, resulting in a high-quality finish. Together, they offer superior light control and room darkening, making them ideal for shift workers, parents of young children, and home theater rooms.

Furthermore, cassettes and side channels provide insulation, effectively reducing energy bills by improving energy efficiency and blocking out heat and cold. The powder-coated aluminum cassette and channels are available in four colors: black, white, birch white, and anodized.

Blockout Roller Blinds

CF Cassette/Fascia Suite | CF Dim-out


Aesthetical Features of Blockout Roller Blind Cassettes

  • Achieve a polished and cohesive look for different uses with sleek round or square designs.
  • Choose between a fascia or a fully enclosed 90mm cassette in either style.
  • Select face or top mounting clips for installations that minimize light and shadow gaps.
  • Conceal any manufacturing imperfections with end covers that overlap the front of the cassette.
  • Enjoy color-matched plastic end covers for a seamless appearance.

Production & Assembly Features

  • The Suite system incorporates flexible hardware, reducing the need for a large inventory by allowing the creation of both square and round cassettes or fascias.
  • Enhanced face and recess installations are achieved through the use of two-piece dim-OUT side guides.
  • Extrusions are available in a mill finish, allowing for custom powder coating.
  • There is no need for punching side channels or control mechanisms.

Functional Benefits

  • It is compatible with our popular medium-sized (S40/S45) roller shades, available in spring, chain, and motorised options.
  • Enjoy smooth and quiet operation with co-moulded chain funnel guides.
  • Experience improved energy efficiency with dim-OUT side channels.
  • Achieve complete light blockage using dim-out channels, eliminating side gaps commonly found in regular roller blind installations.
  • Enhance insulation against heat and cold.
  • Ideal for shift workers, children's bedrooms, and home cinemas.

Product Information of Blockout Roller Blind Cassettes

For enhanced blackout performance, consider choosing a blackout roller blind equipped with a top cassette and side tracks.

Constructed from durable powder-coated aluminum, the top cassette serves as a housing unit for the roller tube and mechanism, effectively reducing light leakage from the top of the blind. The side tracks function as guide rails, ensuring a snug fit between the blind and the window without any gaps. Additionally, brushes incorporated within the side tracks minimize light seepage from the sides of the blind.

Furthermore, a blackout roller blind with cassette and side tracks helps to block drafts and prevent heat loss.

These blackout roller blinds with cassette and side tracks are particularly well-suited for bedrooms, nurseries, home cinemas, photography studios, and science laboratories. They provide an optimal solution for individuals who are light sleepers or work during the night, promoting restful sleep.

Please be aware that while the cassette and side tracks significantly reduce light seepage, complete blackout cannot be achieved due to slight light leakage where the cassette meets the ceiling. To approach a near-total blackout effect, applying builder's caulk along the unit's length after installation is recommended. It's worth noting that achieving a complete (photo-lab level) blackout is challenging, but with this setup, you can come remarkably close to it. Optionally, a bottom track can be added at the blind's lower end, or the blind can be face-mounted to further improve blackout performance.

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