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Experience the Elegance and Luxury of Sheer Curtains in Melbourne

Sheer curtains can help you to bring the outside in, by breaking down visual barriers between the indoors and outdoors and helping you to make the most of all the natural light on offer. The sophisticated interior design of sheer curtains also enables you to keep your views of the world outside whilst maintaining a level of privacy.

Alfresco Blinds Co offers a variety of sheer curtains in Melbourne with a huge range of designs, brands and styles, meaning you won’t struggle to find a sheers design that suits your home's interior. Whether you want to opt for plain voile styles, S-fold or patterned sheer fabrics, we will have the ideal product for you!

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Alfresco Blinds Co Sheer Curtains Melbourne

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Quality Fabrics 

Alfresco Blinds Co carries and supplies Melbourne’s largest range of designer curtain fabrics, brands and styles.

Excellent Insulation 

Combine sheer curtains with either blockout roller blinds, heavy drapes or a blockout lining on a separate track to achieve premium light control, privacy and to insulate your home from the heat and cold. You can heavily reduce energy bills costs by doing so.

Custom Made Tracking 

Specific and customised tracking is available for each type of sheer curtain heading to help you achieve the best look and feel possible. Options include traditional rods, decorative, slimline S-fold tracks, decorative S-fold tracks and commercial top fix options to keep it hidden. Cord operation and child-safe hand wand operation are available, or you can opt for motorisation for the ultimate in sheer curtain luxury. Alfresco can do it all!


Operate your sheers in style with motorisation! Options include hard-wired motors or wire-free technology using lithium batteries. Motorised curtains and sheers can also be operated using smart hub automation wherein they can be controlled via your smartphone or simply integrated with your Google Home or Alexa.

Got a new build or renovation? Consider sheer curtain motorisation. Have one of our Decor Consultants advise you on simple ways to conceal motors within the ceiling cavity – out of sight, out of mind and ever so chic!

Heading Types 

Choose from a range of curtain and sheer heading styles, from the modern wave, S-Fold or Eyelet through to more classic styles such as box pleat, pencil gathered pleat or triple pinch pleat.

Mix & Match 

Sheer Curtains are perfect for adding a warm feel to your home’s lounge, dining, bedrooms and home theatres. For a blend of functionality and style, layer our sheer curtains with blockout drapes or combine them with some contemporary roller blinds.


From the street you want a uniform colour and look, however, that does not mean you cannot colour coordinate linings from the inside to best match fabric colours and tones. Alfresco Blinds Co has a huge range of options and they all feature the following benefits:

  •         Improves insulation significantly and lowers your home's energy consumption
  •         Heating and cooling costs are lowered
  •         Extends the life and appearance of your curtains by protecting your fabrics
  •         Improves the drapability, the look and feel of a room and provides fullness to your drapes


Choose From an Extensive Range of Sheer Curtains & Voile Curtains

sheer curtains

For greater versatility, you can team sheer curtains up with blockout drapes/curtains. Also combined over blinds or plantation shutters to add a modern element of texture and movement.

They can also be used as light curtains on undercover outdoor patio areas to create a resort-style ambience. Create a soft romantic feel by using sheers and voiles as screens or bed canopies.

We offer a range of complementary drapes and sheer curtains Melbourne locals will love, meaning you won’t struggle to find a design that matches perfectly.

Opting for a combination of sheers and curtains means you can have total control over light and privacy in your rooms.


Give Your Home a More Traditional Look

For a more traditional look, sheers and voiles can be produced in different shapes, such as a Swag & Tail, Austrian, Festoon, Jardinere or Cross Over.

Choosing your sheer or voile heading is integral as each heading offers a different look and amount of fabric fullness.

Sheer curtains are back to their old best and on-trend. The most in-demand product in today’s market has become s fold sheers. S fold sheers combined with blockout roller blinds or plantation shutters have become the talk of the town, providing a modern yet classical approach to interior décor.


What Are S Fold Sheer Curtains?

Love the luscious look that you get in those fancy up-market boutique stores or hotels you stayed at? Then you’ve probably been drooling over gorgeous S Fold Sheers!

S Fold sheers (also known as ripple fold sheers) get their name from the shape they create. If you took a bird’s eye view of S-fold sheers you would see the soft “S” shape created by the specially designed track. The fabric is not pleated like the traditional pencil pleat or triple pinch pleat as the S fold is not formally pleated but held in place by the track with special poly-carbonate carriers. We call them S fold as most people are familiar with this term.

Sleek and subtle to the eye, the S-fold pleated sheers have a modern appearance with gently and continuously folded drapery from the beginning to the end. It is common for these sheers to be raised from floor to ceiling and extended wall to wall to create a grand aesthetic. The perfect shape of the fabric is created by the uniquely designed track. No pleats or gathers are needed to create this stylish look.

sheersDramatic folds and easy operation make our Ripple Fold drapery a great choice for creating a modern look. Perfect for large areas, sheer S Fold curtains can be used to unify multiple windows or large expanses by covering an entire wall. Ripple Fold drapery glides along a low-profile track that seamlessly blends with your wall or ceiling, making it a great solution for corners, floor-to-ceiling windows or other hard to manage spaces.

This style of curtain pleating is suitable for use with hand-drawn, corded and motorised curtain tracks. They are very well suited for tracks that need to be curved to accommodate bends when 2 windows at right angles are treated with one continuous curved track.

We can help you decide between a manual or motorised system, a minimal or feature hardware system. S-Fold tracks can be ceiling fixed or wall fixed depending upon the look you want. By ceiling mounting the track you can achieve a dramatic look and help give the impression of a higher ceiling.

A ‘Butt Master Carrier’ can be used to further reduce stack-back. Curtains simply snap on and off the Ripple Fold or S Fold tape.

S-Fold tracks are available in numerous colours with white and anodised silver being the most popular, and can allow for a double track. Whether you love the look of decorative sheer fabrics or a block-out lined fabric, the Ripple Fold track can accommodate either style. If you want the best of both worlds, you can even have a decorative sheer on the front track and block-out lining on the rear. Ripple Fold tracks are so versatile!

Ready for a brand new Alfresco Blinds Co installation?

Our friendly and experienced team at Alfresco Blinds Co are ready to help you find the best Voile or Sheer Curtains in Melbourne for your space. We provide recommendations that are ideal in terms of practicality for heating, cooling and lifestyle factors, as well as aesthetic features that seamlessly fit into your indoor interior look.

Get your free measure and quote in Melbourne today! Simply contact us now on 1300 735 077 or send us an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you right away.

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FAQ's about Sheer Curtains

Do sheer blinds give you privacy?

Yes, they can offer some privacy! However, keep in mind that the materials are sheer, and privacy is limited. For additional privacy, you can choose to combine sheers with blockout curtains, blinds or shutters, for a range of light and privacy options.

Can you see through sheer curtains?

Many sheer curtain fabrics are thin enough to see through them which still lets you maintain your view. We recommend adding another layer of curtain or window covering to your sheer curtains to provide sufficient privacy from people seeing indoors.

Can I layer my sheer curtains?

Many people opt to layer sheer curtains with blockout curtains. This gives you the option of maintaining privacy while still allowing adequate daylight in. Alternatively, you can blockout all the light if that’s preferred. It’s as simple as using double brackets and curtain rods to create a layering effect. With a range of sheer curtain styles available you can create a beautiful installation to suit your interior.

What is the difference between blockout curtains and sheer curtains?

The main difference is the amount of light that they let into your space. Blockout curtains are specially designed to block out all incoming light and are ideal when you want to make a room much darker. Sheer curtains filter the daylight without darkening the room, and allow you to retain your views.

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