How to Clean an Aluminium Awning on a House

April 16, 2021

Home features aren’t only about aesthetics. If a feature or décor item isn’t functional and practical, you may soon regret investing in it. Luckily, awnings carry all the necessary characteristics of quality home features, so Melbourne homeowners can pick them with peace of mind.

One example of an awnings dual-value is that while they look impressive, they also help you manage the harsh Australian sun’s rays. Here’s a bonus feature in terms of practicality: they also make for easy maintenance. Not sure how to clean yours during this year’s spring cleaning? We’ve got you covered.


How to Clean Your Aluminium Awnings

A step-by-Step Cleaning Guide

Gather Your Tools

To clean your awning, you’ll usually need the following:

  • Water
  • A ladder—ideally, you must be able to work comfortably from the side of the awning
  • Brush
  • Pressure washer if possible
  • Detergent


You need the right cleaning solution and, in most cases, 60ml of detergent to approx. 4L of water will suffice. You can also use the detergent’s directions on the bottle for guidance. Prepare this mixture in a bucket.

Wet the Area

Start off by wetting the awning with clean water. A hose works best. You can spray from the ground or get onto your ladder to ensure you reach all the nooks and crannies.

Scrub Away

Dip your brush in your detergent mixture and scrub every surface of the awning you can reach. Try to move onto the next step as soon as you can, so the detergent doesn’t dry on the awning.


Use your hose again and properly rinse off all the detergent. For this step it’s helpful to have a pressure washer, because it removes particles and soap suds easier. It’s also best to get onto the ladder so you have a clear view of your handiwork and can see where soap or dirt still requires rinsing off.

Just be careful if you decide to clean the bottom of the awning too. You may need to spray a little gentler to ensure you don’t damage the awning.

Check All Surrounding Surfaces

Depending on your awning’s installation, there may be other types of surfaces near it. Is it situated above a wooden deck or fitted to a concrete wall? Your water mixture could cause spots and residue on these surfaces, so ensure you dry it properly once you’re done with the awning.


Important Tips

Here are some additional tips to ensure success:

  • While you’re busy cleaning, check the awning’s area for other maintenance issues. If you find any issues, call your awnings and blinds Melbourne specialists immediately.
  • The above cleaning process should happen regularly—probably more than once a year—if you want to get the most life out of your awnings.
  • The underside of the awning also needs cleaning; however, this may not be required as often.


In Conclusion

See? It’s easier than you think. Follow these guidelines so you know your awnings keep on looking as good as they did the first day. With proper maintenance, home features last longer, so you get an even better return on investment.

Now you can purchase your awnings from Alfresco Blinds Co and you’ll know exactly how to care for them. Or, if you have more questions about blinds and awning maintenance, contact us on [email protected] or call 1300 735 077

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