How to Get the Most Effective Commercial Awnings Installation

November 3, 2022
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If you think that awnings are just for blocking out the sun, think again. Awnings offer value for your business thanks to various benefits. Find out how to get the most out of them and use awnings to increase your foot traffic.

For one thing, awnings create a beautiful storefront and give your store some charm—enabling it to stand out from other establishments in the area.

You can customise your awnings with your logo and brand colour. This helps you showcase your brand, and makes a unique statement about it to the world without the need to advertise.

So, how will you get the most out of your new installation?

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Create an Extra Outdoor Seating Area

One of the most inviting aspects of any hospitality business is the ability to give your customers an outdoor seating space. What could be more refreshing than sitting outside, eating your food and watching the world go by? It’s much better though when an awning protects you from the hot sun.

Awnings will also help protect your customers from the wind, rain and other elements. And no need to worry about cold days. You can retract the awning for more sunlight so patrons can enjoy the warmth. So, you have a solution all year round.

This gives you the opportunity to expand your outdoor seating area, and enable your guests to relax in the fresh air, especially on stuffy, sultry days. With one installation you can increase your number of guests without hassle.

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Remove Glare in Retail Windows

If you have a west-facing establishment, your guests are going to have a hard time with the glare of the sun. It will be very distracting, and you may lose customers. To solve this, you can use a fixed-canopy awning, boutique style, so that you can protect your windows from sunlight. You can also create privacy for your patrons through outdoor blinds.

What’s really helpful is that you can control the amount of natural light that comes through the coverings. This affects various aspects that determine how patrons view your establishment.

If direct sunlight is too strong and heats up the interior, your customers won’t feel comfortable. Also, your products may go off, and your carpets and furniture might fade. If this is your challenge, try awnings that effectively reduce the amount of light coming in.

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Use Awnings to Reduce Costs

With the right awning installation, you have the ability to bring down costs too. Awnings keep your establishment warmer in winter and cooler in summer, thus reducing the need for a heater and an air conditioner. Windows absorb the temperature outside and channel it into the interior. Correctly positioned awnings help by reducing that effect.

It will make your shop inviting when your customers enter, and more pleasant for your staff to work in.

For optimal outcomes, make sure that your staff can control the awning easily, based on what the day and weather requires.

A high-quality system will also prevent workplace accidents. For example, an automated system that only requires the push of a button is a safe and efficient option to pick.


Choose Alfresco Blinds Co for the highest quality awning on the market and a very wide range of options. They are all Australian-made and have a 5-year warranty. Let’s help you make a positive difference to your commercial space, all through awnings and blinds.

Why not call one of our consultants now on 1300 735 077 to discuss your needs and preferences?

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