How to Maintain Ziptrak Blinds

August 8, 2022
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Ziptrak blinds are quality outdoor blinds that can stand up to the harshest Australian conditions. This makes them a wise investment for any homeowner. However, for the best returns on your investment, protect and clean them so they can last for many years.

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PVC vs Mesh Blinds

Both PVC and mesh Ziptrak blinds each has their own benefits in terms of functionality and even maintenance.

Benefits of PVC

  • Blocks 93% of UV light
  • Protects against wind, rain, dust and insects
  • Retains heat
  • Tinted PVC offers some privacy
  • Outside scenery is completely visible

Benefits of Mesh

  • Blocks 95% UV light and some wind and rain
  • Protects against insects and dust
  • Offers some privacy


Cleaning Your Ziptrak Blinds

Cleaning your Ziptrak blinds regularly removes the build-up of residue, makes them look great and helps to ensure they function properly for years to come.

It’s recommended that you clean your outdoor blinds every 3 months, or more frequently if you live in a coastal area to remove salt, sand, dirt and moisture deposits and chlorides and sulphur compounds.

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Cleaning PVC

PVC is solid but porous and susceptible to scratching. Therefore, it’s important to clean these blinds with a soft microfibre cloth or sponge. Additionally, use no abrasive cleaning product or harsh chemicals, only mild detergents, or cold, soapy water. The soap should be something as gentle as the dishwashing liquid that you use in the sink.

You regularly need to remove dust, bird droppings and other dirt. In fact, bird droppings and dead insects should be cleaned as soon as possible. Rinse with cold water and wipe dry, again with a clean microfibre cloth.

Important notes: keep the blinds unrolled while they dry, and don’t store them until they are completely dry otherwise this can cause mould to grow. High-pressure hoses are to be avoided, as is bore water. They are harsh and will damage your Ziptrak blind.

In Summary:

  • Don’t use harsh window cleaning detergents to clean your PVC blinds.
  • Never let bird droppings, stains or dirt remain on your Ziptrak PVC for long periods of time.
  • The PVC material is highly prone to marks and scratches. Always be cautious when operating, cleaning or moving items around PVC blinds.
  • Where possible, a soft, clean cloth should be used to polish and dry your PVC blinds after cleaning and prior to rolling up and storing.
  • Do not use a high-pressure hose to clean your PVC blinds.

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Cleaning Mesh Blinds

If you have mesh blinds, you need a soft-bristle broom to brush away the dirt. Then use a gentle spray with soapy water and a soft cloth or brush for stubborn dirt. Again, avoid harsh cleaning chemicals.

The same precautions hold for mesh blinds as for PVC—Avoid high-pressure hoses, harsh abrasives, or bore water. Swift removal of bird and insect droppings is also important.

In Summary:

  • Use a soft-bristled broom to brush away the dirt, and then use soapy water and a soft cloth for any stubborn dirt.
  • Do not allow bore water to wet the blind.
  • Never allow petrochemicals or solvents to touch the blind.
  • Do not use a high-pressure hose to clean the blind.


Cleaning Tacks, Tapes and Tracks

Clean the tacks, spline tapes and tracks with water. When it’s dry, lubricate the tracks with a lubricant that is not oil-based, then spray the spine tracks and tacks with silicone spray. Further details on this below.


Other Tips For Maintaining Your Ziptrak Blinds


Ziptrak blinds generally don’t require any lubrication, however, if you live in a dusty or coastal area you may want to annually lubricate your blinds to assist with smooth operation.

You must use silicone spray, such as food-grade Helmar H4000. DO NOT use oil-based lubricants (WD40 or similar), as they damage your blind’s spline tape and clog up the track with dust that may be in there.

Store Ziptrak Blinds During Wild Weather

We all know Australian weather can sometimes be harsh and unpredictable, and Ziptrak blinds are built to stand up to these tough conditions. However, you should still be mindful of their position during wild weather.

During windy weather conditions, Ziptrak blinds should be left fully down and locked, or completely retracted. Leaving the blind at a halfway point is the most vulnerable position during these conditions.

During very storms, strong winds, or severe weather events, your blinds need to be fully retracted to prevent any damage.



If you do these steps regularly, you can significantly lengthen the lifespan of your Ziptrak blinds.

Ziptrak blinds are advantageous for your home and will serve you well if looked after properly. It’s definitely worth the bit of maintenance to keep your blinds for longer. For more tips, or if you need installation or repairs, contact us on 1300 735 077. We offer free consultations with our experts.

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