Why is Winter a Good Time to Invest in Blockout Blinds? — 5 Hot Reasons

July 1, 2022

It’s freezing cold weather again, and you’re wrapped in your winter woollies. It’s time to cuddle up, put on the heaters, and bring out the extra blankets. Now, have you considered adding blockout blinds or curtains during the cold weather? Surely blinds are only for the summer?

If you’re curious about the numerous benefits that blockout curtains and roller blinds would bring to your home—even when it’s cold—read on.

Insulation Against the Cold

At first thought, you may think that curtains and blinds are just for keeping out the glare and the heat during summertime, but they can actually help to keep the heat in. They can also help to insulate against the cold, too! A good set of blockout curtains or blinds can provide protection against the chilly air that might leak into your space from your window fittings.

Energy Cost-cutting

The insulation that the blinds give will naturally decrease your energy bills, by assisting with a reduction of your energy use which would come from heaters or the AC. Blockout blinds and curtains can help to prevent this leakage, and keep your rooms warmer, thereby reducing your need to turn the heater on for long periods of time. You might even be able to turn the heater down or off with this nifty trick, resulting in saving in your pocket.

Control the Amount of Natural Lighting

In Melbourne and other Australian cities, there can still be sunny days in winter that produce a lot of glare. This is particularly true when there are no clouds in the sky. The glare can be bothersome, and the light still carries the potential to damage furniture. If you choose double roller blinds, where one is a sunscreen and one a blockout blind that can give you options for how you want to control the light in your space.

roller blackout blinds and sunscreen mesh

Easy Cleaning

Added to all the above, you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning your furnishings, summer or winter. So, it’s handy to have blinds that can be cleaned with a quick wipe or vacuum. It’s easy and doesn’t demand much energy—an added bonus for those energy-depleting winter months.

Remote Controlled Systems

If you invest in motorised blinds or curtains, they can be connected to your central remote-control system and operated from a distance. You don’t have to get up from your warm, comfortable spot on the couch to open or close them anymore!

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