The Top 7 Benefits of Outdoor Roller and Café Blinds for Your Business

March 25, 2021
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As any restaurant owner will tell you, outdoor functions are a gamble. A lot of work goes into making sure outdoor dinner parties or luncheons go down without a hitch. There’s the décor as well as moving the necessary furniture to the outdoors area. Perhaps you might hook up some mood-setting music and lighting, which puts the equipment at the mercy of the elements.

That’s all good and well. Unfortunately, no matter how much hard work you and your staff put into creating the perfect setting for a booked-out outdoor dinner party, a sudden cloud burst or gust of wind can bring all your preparations crashing down. A common scenario experienced by a number of businesses that utilise their outdoor areas to impress clients. Luckily, there’s a solution. Installing outdoor roller blinds in your outdoor dining area will no longer put you at the mercy of the weather!


Let Your Business Reap the Rewards of Outdoor Blinds

There are many reasons why you should invest in the quality outdoor or café blinds available from Alfresco Blinds Co. Read our list below and see for yourself why it’s a brilliant idea to get a quote on outdoor blinds.


Year-round Use

One of the many benefits of installing outdoor roller or café blinds, is the opportunity it gives commercial property owners to use spaces all year round. Outdoor dining, cocktail parties or important business luncheons don’t only have to be reserved for the summer months.

Installing café blinds in your outdoor area allows you to have any type of function at any time of the year, no matter the weather! In the summer months, the blinds will offer the shade you need without the stuffiness of having your function inside. And in the winter months, they will offer you the fun of an outdoor function without by keeping out the cold!


Weather Protection

Cafe blinds can easily protect your guests from the harsh Australian weather. Strong gusts of wind, burning sun and bouts of rain will no longer chase guests indoors. Alfresco Blinds offers a selection of blinds available in tinted or clear PVC, providing you with different weather protection options.


Durable and Versatile

Cafe blinds are the number one most popular blind option chosen by commercial property owners. The main reason for this is their durability. Added to that is the versatility factor. They can be installed with just about any roof angle, no matter how unusual the shape is.

Alfresco Blinds uses only top-quality materials and componentry fitted by professional installers that can skillfully install your blinds exactly the way your business requires. There’s also the option of motorised or manual operations.


Enhances Ambiance

Our variety of available colours, styles and textures for your cafe blinds means you’ll easily find an option that enhances the ambience of your business’s outdoor space. You even have different choices about how open you want to have your blinds:

  • Completely closed will ensure maximum privacy and is ideal for restaurants situated on the street.
  • Half-way open allows for privacy as well as the natural cool Australian breeze to flow through. Our range of mesh and PVC materials will also play a determining factor in the amount of airflow you can achieve.


Advertising on the Blinds

Another advantage to installing cafe blinds is the advertising you can do with them. You can choose company colours or have your restaurant or company branding printed on the outside of the blinds.

This will serve as an eye-catching reminder to passing traffic of what products or services you provide. If your restaurant is situated in an area where traffic volumes are significantly high in the afternoons, it would be a great way to encourage people to stop for dinner!


Serves as Pest Control

Restaurants take every possible precaution to ensure no insects are scurrying around while patrons sit inside their establishment. However, there’s only so much you can do about flies. Luckily, another marvellous advantage of café blinds is that they can keep insects out of your outdoor dining area.


Adds Value to Your Property

Ultimately, any additions to your commercial property add to the resale price. Should you ever wish to sell that particular property, or even lease it to a different tenant, café blinds make for a wonderful selling feature!

Experts can recommend the options that will easily fit into your current aesthetic features, so it impresses any potential buyer.


Who Are the Experts?

Alfresco Blinds Co has been providing Melbourne customers with the best indoor and outdoor blinds for over 35 years. With skilled professionals offering you their hands-on expertise, you’re guaranteed to get the right set of blinds for your commercial property. No matter the shape or size of your outdoor area!

Call Alfresco Blinds Co for a QUOTE TODAY on 1300 735 077 and take advantage of your outdoor space all-year round!

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